Creative Caterpillars Playskool LLC

Crockett Day Care, Preschool and Child Care Center

Our Team

Every member of Creative Caterpillars Playskool LLC's team is highly trained, certified and experienced in working with and taking care of children. From our daycare providers to our cooks, every Crockett team member has a first aid and child CPR certificate, making our Crockett daycare center a safe and trusted environment for your child.

Our Crockett child care providers are adept at helping children blossom in their development. Through various teaching methods, they are extremely successful in helping your child learn while having fun, which is always conducive to an accelerated learning curve. Most Crockett parents are astounded at how quickly their child progresses while in our care. The secret of our success is undivided attention and a personalized teaching curriculum for each individual child in our care.

While our Crockett team's primary concern is the safety and well-being of your Crockett area child, we know that open communication with you, the parent, is just as important. Our Crockett staff is always available and open to discuss your child's needs and progress with you. We are always ready to offer support, both to you and your child, in times of need. At Crockett's Creative Caterpillars Playskool LLC, we strongly believe that our work is only as good as our ability to listen attentively to the needs of you and your child.

When entrusting the care of your child to Creative Caterpillars Playskool LLC, you can trust that you will never be left in the dark or have to pull teeth in order to get a progress report or answers to your questions. Each and every one of our dedicated Crockett daycare providers genuinely cares about your child. Their dedication comes from a love of children and of child care and child development. Parents who visit our Crockett childcare center and meet our daycare providers are always pleasantly surprised by the warm reception and undivided attention they receive. We know that even the most caring daycare provider will never replace loving parents, but we strive to give your child the love and attention that they rightly deserve while they are in our care.

Your Crockett child's safety and happiness is the most important thing in the world. Do not entrust it to just any Crockett area daycare provider. Trust Creative Caterpillars Playskool LLC's team of qualified and highly experienced Crockett daycare providers to bring the best out of your child in a loving and respectful way.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our Crockett daycare center for more information.